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Create Your Own Fragrance And Wow People With A Unique Scent

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Sponsored SMN Writer (APAC) - Staff Writer (Aus)

Create Your Own Fragrance And Wow People With A Unique Scent

Your scent says so much about you so why not make your own at Oo La Labs?

Smells, besides their extraordinary ability to evoke memories, silently draw attention with just a whiff, a smell, a chance encounter on the street. They can attract and they can repel, but most of all our own aroma is personal, which Oo La Labs knows all too well.

You deserve a fragrance of your own or, if you prefer a blend of essential oils to encourage relaxation, focus, creativity, Oo La Labs have got a workshop for that too.

Unique Fragrance Crafting Workshop

With the help of an Oo La Mixologist, you can design and build your own fragrance formula in their hands-on workshop. Not only will they guide you through the process of deconstructing fine fragrances but they will also teach you all about your personal scent with mood, state of mind and character taken into account.

Using sustainably sourced ingredients, Oo La Lab’s fragrance notes—from Ambrette to Jasmine to Zebrano—can be combined into an almost infinite number of olfactory combinations allowing you to formulate your own fragrance ritual and produce your own special scent which you will then be able to take home with you in the form of a candle or perfume.

Then, light your candle at home and let its aroma fill your space and evoke the sensations you imbued. Or, spray a little perfume on your pulse points and soon you won’t be the only one saying ooh la la.

Know enough already? Click here and join a fragrance workshop today.

Essential Oil Blending Workshop

At the Nenä Remedy Bar at Oo La Labs, the Essential Oil Blending workshop incorporates mindful breathing practices and stretching techniques to help deliver a holistic approach to further enhance positivity in your own life.

In the tailored workshop, which focuses on experiential learning, you will discover all there is to know about essential oils. From choosing the right oils for you to how they work and function, you will then design your own essential oil blend in order to revitalise your mood.

At Nenä, wellness rituals are made simple so you can go home with the knowledge you have gained to continue transforming your life through relaxation, focus, creativity and energy. 

In the Unique Fragrance Crafting Workshop, you can choose to take home either a 20ml Eau De Parfum or 100g candle or opt for the larger 50ml Eau De Parfum or 250g candle. Whereas in the Essential Oil Blending Workshop, you will be able to take home 2x8ml rollers of your own special blend. Prices start at S$88 for the one-hour workshops.

Both workshops run every day of the week except Wednesdays and Sundays with multiple sessions per day.

It’s time to awaken and excite your senses.

Unique Fragrance Crafting Workshop by Oo La Lab