This Singapore Bar Housed Between Nostalgic Shophouses Will Take You Back In Time

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Alley Bar SG

Because there’s always time for a cocktail or five.

The elegant Alley Bar Singapore blends old world charm with stunning modern design, making guests feel as if they’ve been transported back in time. It is situated between two heritage Peranakan shophouses, in a carefully preserved 1900s space. Featuring a charming Peranakan-inspired swing door entrance, an airy ceiling with impressive lantern lights, a contemporary 15-metre brass bar top and a totally instagrammable modern mirror.

Wonderfully, renowned Chef Chan Kar Meng will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Consequently, you can expect to chow down on some of the most delicious grub in town. Highlights include lobster rolls, pita pork pockets, truffle mac & cheese, just to name a few.

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Excitingly, the creative and stellar cocktails at this spot are an adventure in themselves. With a cocktail for every mood and occasion, you won’t be left disappointed. For example, TheĀ Black Cat Sour is a seductive dried plum-infused bourbon, egg white and fresh lemon juice while Milo Banana Rum will send your tastebuds to heaven with the chocolatey and fruity taste.

Course, they serve all the classic cocktails too, from espresso martinis to mojitos to daiquiris, the list is endless. Be sure to try a little something from the Untold Edition cocktail menu such as The Invisible Sling with a rare pink coloured look. Indeed, it is the perfect date night hangout or place to go with friends for drinks as it is both intimate and has an open-air space for anyone wanting to strictly maintain their distance.


Dessert lovers can treat themselves to a mouth-watering tiramisu, coffee hot fudge or chestnut cheese with cinnamon. Undoubtedly, this chic Singapore bar offers something for everyone to enjoy.

šŸ“ 2 Emerald Hill Road Peranakan Place, Singapore 229287

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