Apple Has Just Opened An Incredible Floating Store In Marina Bay

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Apple Has Just Opened An Incredible Floating Store In Marina Bay

Apple is no stranger to a sleek and sexy store, but this new Marina Bay branch has to be their best yet.

Nobody has ever suggested a day trip to the Apple store, except perhaps my boyfriend, but spending a full 12 hours here might just be forgivable. It’s the first of their stores to sit on water, and it’s connected to the Bay via a walkway.

The store is shaped like a giant dome and offers 360° views of the Singapore skyline. The oculus at the apex of the dome, which was “inspired by the Pantheon in Rome” fills the place with light, while trees and greenery around the perimeter provide shade. The dome is built entirely out of glass—114 pieces to be exact—and is totally self-supported.

The store will be much like any other; with products available to peruse and purchase, as well as a Genius Bar to help with any issues. There will also be a video wall featuring projections of ‘Today at Apple’ sessions, including classes with creative experts as well as performances from local artists. What’s more, the basement level is actually submerged underwater, and will serve as the store’s Boardroom for hosting various professional events.


You’ll find Apple’s new store at 2 Bayfront Avenue, B2-06, Singapore 018972. 

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