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Journey To The Art Of Mixology With Ethan Leslie Leong—The Creator Of Asia’s Most Expensive Cocktail

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Journey To The Art Of Mixology With Ethan Leslie Leong—The Creator Of Asia’s Most Expensive Cocktail

Ethan Leslie Leong is taking you on a cocktail journey to the art of mixology.

There are mixologists and then there is Ethan Leslie Leong who is not just a mixologist but also chef and director of one of Singapore’s best bars and restaurants—the award-winning and pioneering Maison Ikkoku. It is in this upstairs bespoke cocktail bar where he is inviting us along on a journey to the art of mixology and teaching us to master not one but three cocktails.

Choose from Instagrammable, Singapore or Classic cocktails for your masterclass.

Ethan Leslie Leong’s list of accolades and achievements is as long as it is varied. From representing Singapore at the International Flair Competition in 1997 and then claiming the title of Bartender of the Year in 1998 to conceptualising entire cocktail menus for bars around the world and creating Asia’s most expensive cocktail, ”The Jewel Of Pangaea”, his expertise seemingly knows no bounds.

At Maison Ikkoku, Ethan Leslie Leong created a place that pioneered the art of mixology in Singapore with its bespoke drinks menu. Since opening in 2011, he has crafted drinks based on the wants and desires of his clients using fresh ingredients and shelves stocked full of spirits and liqueurs. While you won’t be sure what you’ll be served, it’s highly unlikely—rare, unheard of—that you’ll be disappointed. Just like at his cocktail masterclass. 

At Journey to the Art of Mixology Masterclass, you will also learn how to make your own bespoke cocktails. Guided by the master mixologist himself, you will be set up with everything you need to build, shake or stir three custom cocktails.

But first, you will need to decide whether you would like your creations to be of the instragammable variety (Thursday and Sunday), true to Singaporean style (Tuesday and Friday), or go with the classics (Wednesday and Saturday) if you prefer your cocktails to be timeless.

Just like a night out at Maison Ikkoky, you’ll need to be at the bar to find out what you’ll be (making and) drinking.

Join Ethan Leslie Leong, one of the world’s top mixologists and cocktail creators, at Maison Ikkoku and don’t just learn how to make drinks, but go on a journey and experience the art of mixology.

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Journey To The Art Of Mixology Cocktail Masterclass