This Chinatown Spot Serves Cute Bao Kitted Out In Face Masks • Yum Cha

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This Chinatown Spot Serves Cute Bao Kitted Out In Face Masks • Yum Cha

Another friendly reminder to keep wearing masks!

This Chinatown restaurant has made perhaps the cutest looking Bao dim sum of all time. Not only do they have painted faces, but they are being good, responsible citizens and wearing face masks. [Featured Image: u/Sidewalk_Sapien, Reddit].

Over at Yum Cha, you’ll find these delicious masked creations. They have even been named Kiasi Bao — which means “buns scared to die”. Very good to know they’re taking the pandemic seriously.

And their support for safety during the pandemic does not stop there. All proceeds made from the Kiasi Bao goes towards the Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC). This is a Singapore-based group set up in April this year, to support migrants during the pandemic. They provide migrant workers living in dormitories with essential items.


If it seems like there’s nothing more these masked droplets from heaven can do, think again! Yum Cha has assured customers they are, in fact, also extremely healthy. Kiasi Baos are made from a plant-based fibre that is very easily digestible.

In essence, these Kiasi Bao are cute, delicious, healthy and go towards a great cause. You shouldn’t need more convincing than that. Find them at Yum Cha, Chinatown.

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