This Interactive Museum In Singapore Is An Instagram Heaven • The Bubble Tea Factory

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

The Bubble Tea Factory

This insanely ‘grammable fantasy world deserves the top spot on your bucket list. 

Singapore has really outdone itself this time. When you think this incredible city can´t get any better, they add an immersive and visually astonishing museum experience for people of all ages to enjoy.

With endless photo opportunities, this multi-sensory world of happiness is the escape you need to take a break from COVID-19 news. The Bubble Tea Factory in Singapore will take you beyond your wildest dreams in a pastel and enchanting wonderland of bubble tea. If you love photography or just a good gram-worthy selfie, this sensational world will be your heaven—and is guaranteed to get you those well-deserved likes!

Prepare to feel fulfilled and energised by this magnificent playhouse while you partake in an unforgettable trip spanning over 10 interactive zones, where you can capture the most amazing moments. To satisfy your sugar cravings, entry even includes free bubble tea and some Boba-themed treats to delight in along the way.

Features include Boba tree and galaxy utopias, posing with IV drip filled bubble teas, a stunning airplane room where you can take adorable selfies, countless holographic pastel walls, and an entertaining ball pit.


Take your TBTF adventure to the next level by opting for the Boba Booster Pack. This way you can do fun challenges with your group. Of course, in these uncertain times, masks are required, but that won´t take away from the blast you´re gonna have!

Please visit The Bubble Tea Factory for updated COVID-19 rules and opening times. Tickets cost $24 on weekdays and $28 at the weekends. Ticket information is available here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your tickets if you wanna get high on life at the most top-rated interactive museum in Singapore.

📍 2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE, Singapore 237978 

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