This New Gelato Spot In Singapore Has A Unique Way Of Dishing Up Their Treats • Burnt Cones

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This New Gelato Spot In Singapore Has A Unique Way Of Dishing Up Their Treats • Burnt Cones

This looks intriguing.

We’ve all earned a treat, given the events of the last year. And, as treats tend to go, what the hell can top ice cream?

While you’re scratching your heads trying to think of something, let us point you in the direction of a new gelato spot in Singapore that will satisfy that craving you’ve just built up for something sweet.

Burnt Cones aren’t your typical gelato joint, either. As you can probably guess from their name, they have a different method of serving up their scoops.

You’ve all had ice cream in a cone, but have you ever tried the particular burnt variety? Me neither, but now I’m desperate to.

Burnt Cones serve three different levels of crispy waffle cones, depending on how burnt you want your gelato’s house to be. Plus, you know, importantly; the gelato looks pretty damn amazing.


Will you gorge on a hit of black sesame? Perhaps some classy earl grey tea ice cream might take your fancy? Or, of course, you could always bathe in the sweet flavours of the gingerbread cookie variety.

There’s also a range of other delightful treats, from waffles topped with the gelato (not burnt waffles, this time) to a full brunch menu.

If this sounds like it’s right up your street, get yourself down to Burnt Cones in Clementi right now. It even stays open from 9am-12am, so whenever your sweet tooth starts calling, you’re well covered.

Find out more about Burnt Cones at their website.

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