Experience Christmas Magic With Concerts By Candlelight At This Enchanting Ballroom In Singapore

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This Christmas season, you can experience the magic of candlelight concerts in a beautiful setting at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. As one of Singapore’s most coveted wedding venues, it hosts some of the most luxurious wedding banquets but in the lead up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it will be filled with hundreds of candles for an exquisite evening of live music.

Experience the magic of Candlelight in the iconic JW Marriott Hotel ballroom with one of the concerts below. It’s going to be a night like no other.ballroom at hotel marriott which will host Candlelight concerts

In the spectacular ballroom at the JW Marriott Hotel, relive the greatest works of a range of music artists from December 20 to 30. For instance, jazz lovers can sing along to Santa BabyWinter Wonderland and more at Holiday Classics and Favourites.

Alternatively, Candlelight guests can celebrate the Best of Joe Hisaishi and More as performed by Vocalise String Quartet. Or, if you prefer the music of Queen, be mesmerised by a tribute to the legendary band with classical renditions of their greatest hits. Singapore Candlelight Concerts

Enter into an iconic ballroom at the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore and be treated to one of these 5-star unique candlelight concerts. Prepare to unwind for 65 minutes. surrounded by the spellbinding atmosphere of candles. Certainly, each show offers an unbeatable experience. COVID-19 laws apply.

These Candlelight Concerts in Singapore begin at 6.30pm and 9pm. No late entry is permitted.

Please note: The candles are flameless for the safety of the audience and performers.

Candlelight Jazz: Holiday Classics and Favourites at JW Marriott

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