Do Not Miss These Solo Piano Recitals By Zlata Chochieva If You Have A Love For Classical Music

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Do Not Miss These Solo Piano Recitals By Zlata Chochieva If You Have A Love For Classical Music

In the internationally acclaimed classical music magazine Gramophone, the reviewer writes, “A famous pianist (I shan’t say who) to whom I was speaking recently said I really should hear this young Russian pianist Zlata Chochieva in the Chopin Etudes. ‘It is,’ averred my informant, ‘the greatest I’ve ever heard.’” And while Chochieva’s upcoming performances this weekend do not include any compositions by Chopin, her incredible talent will be on full display for these solo piano recitals of classical music.

Last chance to score tickets to Zlata Chochieva’s performances this weekend.

This is Zlata Chochieva’s first time in Singapore and her performances on Friday and Saturday evening will showcase her distinctive musicianship, prowess on the keys and her inspired playing that has delighted audiences around the world to date. The Moscow-born pianist studied under Mikhail Pletnev and Jacques Rouvier, and the richness of her style seemingly limitless virtuosity has rightly been lauded.

(Re)Creations by Zlata Chochieva will feature two overlapping programs with musical scores of greats such as Mozart and Mendelssohn as well as Rachmaninov, Liszt and Friedman—famed composers that also reinterpreted revered masterpieces from the past.

Take a look at the Friday and Saturday evening programs and see which you fancy most.
(Please note that these are subject to change.)

The stunning Victoria Concert Hall, one of Singapore’s oldest performing arts venues, will be the venue for (Re)Creations by Zlata Chochieva, and we can’t think of a better space than the neo-classical building for this classical music showcase.

Tickets to performances, which begin at 9pm on Friday evening and 7pm on Saturday, are almost all sold in pairs. If you’re looking to enjoy a night of classical music alone, make sure you select the correct ticket type.

Be enchanted by Zlata Chochieva and her masterful recreations as she breathes new life into the works of some of the greatest pianist-composers the world has ever seen. 

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