You’ll Be Getting Fun And Festive With This Night Of Sketch And Improv Comedy In December

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

man acting and woman in reflection laughing

Improv comedy is no easy task to undertake but when it’s done right, it is not only hilarious but it is also witty, on point and acerbic. The action on stage can be a hot mess, but the jokes fly and the laughs follow. And the Delta Force Improv crew here in Singapore are at the top of their game and their outrageous talent will be firing on all cylinders when you pay them a visit for a festive and fun-filled evening of sketch comedy.

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Delta Force Improv are not only a mainstay of Singapore’s burgeoning comedy scene, but they are also one of the world’s best improv comedy groups. They’re passionate, dedicated and committed to their comedic craft.

This is clearly visible in the stuff they make up on the spot, which more than often hits the mark and then sometimes splatters in weird and wonderful ways, solely from suggestions from the audience.

No script and no plan, just a group of comedians on stage taking directions from the audience to create a full show loaded with laughs, wisecracks, astute observations and play on words that will have your head spinning.delta force improv crew trying to take a photo

The team have performed numerous shows and showcases in Singapore and also in the region at theatres, clubs, private parties and corporate functions.

But for this fun and festive edition, where Delta Force Improv are celebrating everything—the Winter/Spring Solstice, Kwanza, Festivus, Cinderfella, Christmas, Chanukkah, the births of Jean Michel Basquiat, Robin and Maurice Gibb, Giacomo Puccini, the Jolly Green Giant, and Srinivasa Ramanujan—they’ll be performing at Crane Club in the centre of Singapore.

The holiday comedy improv show special takes place on Wednesday 22 December at 7:30pm and if you’re up for a night on the fly and some belly laughs, then you’ve got to get down and see Delta Force Improv perform. Some of you will definitely be in tears.

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