22 Animated Shows And Movies To Binge-Watch On Disney+ In Singapore

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Best Disney Shows Movies Singapore Plus

Excitingly, Disney+ arrived in Singapore in 2021. Making it possible for nostalgic Singaporeans to stream everything they love from the wonderful world of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and more. And, it’s no shock, Singaporeans love animation. Here’s 22 of the best animated Disney+ movies and shows to stream in Singapore this year.

1. The Mandalorian 1, 2 & 3

Could we really begin anywhere else? With the help of Baby Yoda, this show has taken the world by storm in the last few years, with the first images breaking the internet. Star Wars fans won’t want to miss this one. Certainly, prepare for season three which will be released this year.

2. Monsters At Work

This highly anticipated series is one of the best shows on Disney+. Follow an eager Scarer, Tylor Tuskmon as he arrives at Monsters Incorporated, to learn that laughter is now used to fuel the city of Monstropolis. Expect to see plenty of your two favourite monsters, Mike and Sulley.

3. Toy Story

Watch one to four of this marvellous collection of Disney Pixar movies. Revisit Woody, Buzz and the gang fighting off bullies, toy shop owners, and evil bears along this journey of beautiful animation.

4. The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild

This upcoming Ice Age movie follow the comical escapades of the world’s favourite prehistoric animals, Buck, Crash, Eddy and more, as they try to take on the dinosaurs, and stop them from controlling the Lost World.

5. Pinocchio Live-Action

One of the most adored Disney films to date, following a puppet-boy brought to life, has been made into a live-action rendition. Tom Hanks voices the maker Geppetto, who tries to help Pinocchio earn the right to become a real boy by proving to be truthful and brave.

6. Baymax

If you loved Big Hero 6, you’ll adore this new spinoff series dropping on Disney+ later this year. Indeed, all your favourite characters, such as Hiro and Baymax, will be returning for plenty of robotic adventures.

7. Encanto

This musical movie tells the story of The Madrigals, an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia. Their charming town called Encanto has blessed every child with a rare talent, except The Madrigals Mirabel. A perfect nostalgic-inducing movie for adults.

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8. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Surely, you are no stranger to this best-selling global series of books. The animated movie rendition comically follows Greg Heffley, who dreams of being famous, while navigating middle school with his best friend, Rowley.

9. Frozen 1 & 2

These exciting musical movies tells the story of Elsa the snow queen, her sister Anna and her lover Prince Hans, and of course, a handy snowman named Olaf. And remember, let it go!

10. The Lion King

It means no worries, for the rest of your days… Hakuna Matata. It’s time to revisit Simba fighting off the evil Scar to win back his kingdom.

11. Raya And The Last Dragon

Watch humans and dragons live together, in harmony, in the kingdom of Kumandra. Until an evil force divides the people of Kumandra. Raya, a lone warrior, goes on a mission to track down Sisu, a dragon, whom, everyone believes can heal the world.


12. Inside Out

This stellar family-friendly Pixar movie follows 11-year-old Riley, who has five core emotions, Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust and Sadness. After her family move to San Francisco, Riley finds it hard to cope with her new life.

13. Finding Nemo

Another timeless classic, Marvin and Dory set off on a quest to Sydney in order to find the former’s clownfish son. From sharks to turtles, experience the wild ride of the underwater world.

14. Coco

Watch the vibrant adventures of an aspiring young musician named Miguel. By accident, he embarks on a strange journey to the magical land of his ancestors. There, he meets his family, and must find a way to return to the land of the living before being stuck in limbo forever.

15. Moana

A spirited teenager, Moana, sets sail on a traitorous action-packed voyage, to fulfill unfinished quests from her ancestors. Her travelling companion, a demigod called Maui, helps her fight off evils and discover who she really is.

16. Soul

Another fantastic movie by the makers of Coco and Inside Out. A jazz musician, Joe, finds himself in the Great Before, after an accident. However, he learns that he must try and help an infant soul if he wants to return to reality.

17. The Simpsons

Disney+ has every episode with everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family, which has run since 1989. Monorail, Steamed Hams, Itchy and Scratchy movie – you name it. You’ll get to relive all our favourite The Simpsons moments.

18. Beauty And The Beast

Another iconic Disney classic following Belle, a beautiful young woman, who agrees to live with the Beast, after he abducts her father. However, Belle soon learns that her evil captor is actually a charming prince.

19. Lady And The Tramp

Watch a timeless re-telling of this 1955 animated classic. A spoilt housedog called Lady, finds herself on the streets, and befriends a stray mutt called Tramp. Certainly, the two dogs fall madly in love but Lady’s owners desire to keep them apart.

20. The Little Mermaid

This lovely tale under the sea shows Ariel make a deal with the sea witch Ursula in order to see the prince she’s in love with. But things don’t go quite to plan.

21. The Incredibles 1 & 2

This brings a family of superheroes out of retirement and the mundanity of 9-5 life in the most spectacular way possible, as they band together to defeat the evil villain, “Syndrome”.

22. Dug Days

Another special new animated series that follows the misadventures of Dug the dog, and his relationship with his best friend Carl, as they navigate life in the Suburbs. Definitely, one of the best Disney+ movies and shows to watch this year.

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