6 Expats Talk Fines, Food And What It’s Like To Be Friends With A Singaporean In This Hilarious Show

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6 Expats Talk Fines, Food And What It’s Like To Be Friends With A Singaporean In This Hilarious Show

There’s a lot to laugh about at this comedy show by expats living in Singapore.

Hosted by local legend Sam See, LA Comedy Live has rounded up some of Singapore’s best comedic imports for a night of laughs at what life is like in Singapore as a foreigner. Get ready for this hilarious comedy show as these six expat comedians take to the stage and tell us just how they’re coping.

Laugh out loud with these comedians and their experiences living in Singapore. 

Life in a new city can be pretty strange. From learning the local language to the customs and ways of doing things, there’s a lot to adapt to. Singapore is no different. Except for the fines, fines and more fines that Deepak Chandran, Orion Perez, Liam McDonald, Artur Akhmetzyanov, Matt Chalmers and Sarah Peng have had to deal with in their time before this comedy show.

Hailing from countries around the world, from nearby India and the Philipines to further afield like Canada and Britain, these six expats now call Singapore home. More than one might even call HDB housing home and all of them have had to navigate the funny world of making friends with Singaporeans. Their experiences, though familiar, are hilarious and will have you in stitches.

And then there’s Singapore’s obsession with food, which we’re hoping they’re not going to complain about. 

Expect the expected about life in Singapore but not told like this and not from these perspectives. You might even get a laugh about where these side-splitting comedians are from and how much they prefer it here.

The Expat Comedy Show is on at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay Concert Hall on Sunday 24 October. The show, which will have you laughing out loud, lasts 75 minutes. A minimum of two tickets are required for purchases, but laughing is always better with a friend.

Get your tickets to The Expat Comedy Show below.

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