Learn What’s Key To Healthier Looking And More Radiant Skin With Clean Beauty Workshops

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

Learn What’s Key To Healthier Looking And More Radiant Skin With Clean Beauty Workshops

Clear out the parabens, phthalates, sulfates and more from your beauty regime with the help of Fawn Labs.

Skincare products have got a lot of dirty words. And not just the ones above. There’s also oxybenzone, triclosan, hydroquinone and others that end in -siloxane or -methicone. But clean beauty is on the rise and it’s not too late to join the movement and start living a toxin-free life.

Fawn Labs, which is a certified Organic Skincare Formulator (UK), is helping all people to make the change and better look after their skin with their clean beauty workshops and consultations. Not only will you learn all about clean beauty if you go along, but you will also go home with your own skincare products to continue living a clean beauty life. 

Clean Beauty Workshop

Around 60% of the bad words above are absorbed by your skin and while the effects may be appealing at first, the toxins can be detrimental in the long run. This is why in Fawn Labs’ Clean Beauty Workshop you will craft some of the most used skincare products on the market including a dual-purpose Gel Mask/Face Wash and a bespoke dual-purpose Serum/Makeup Primer.

Everything you create will be formulated for your specific skin type and concerns and will be made with toxin-free ingredients which Fawn Labs has plenty of. These will be measured using lab scales and recorded with formulation sheets so that you can take home the Fawn Kit and reproduce at home what you made in the lab. So, not only will you be saving your face from harmful toxins, you’ll be saving money in the long run as well.

You will also be able to store all the beauty products you craft in beautiful bamboo and frosted glass jars and bottles that Fawn Labs will provide you with because clean beauty isn’t just about looking after you, it’s also about looking after our planet.

The Fawn Labs Clean Beauty Workshop, which costs $200 but includes all of the above, takes place a few times per week. Places, though, are strictly limited.

Join the clean beauty movement and begin your journey.

A Natural Approach to Skincare

Fawn Labs also offers a one-on-one skin consultation service with their professional and certified Skincare Formulator (Dip. Organic Skincare Formulations U.K) that will guide you or a special someone (it makes for an extra-special gift) through an in-depth analysis of your skin type.

In the exclusive one-hour session you will then try out the gorgeous array of exotic oils and natural botanicals from Fawn Labs Reserve Collection before taking home three bespoke skincare items that suit your skin type and lifestyle needs. Not only will you leave feeling pampered, but you also have the right beauty tools to keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy. 

To find out more and receive tailored skincare products, follow this link.

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