Bake A Scrumptious Chocolate Soufflé With This Online Workshop In Singapore

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

soufflé workshop

Join the waitlist and get ready for the sweetest at-home Soufflé baking challenge!

Phase two is the perfect opportunity for you to learn new things. And soufflés have practically become synonymous with traditional fine dining and might be considered the pinnacle of pastry-making. The flat-crusted, fluffy body with its decadent melted chocolate centre is pure heaven. And wonderfully, you can pass the time by learning to make your own, at home, with this epic baking workshop.

This intimidating French dessert is a bit like performing a culinary Triple Axel. A dangerous stunt that requires time, complete focus, and can lead to a glorious rise or a tragic fall. Thankfully, this fun online class uses a fool-proof recipe and there’ll be a baking expert to answer all your burning questions.

Learn to master this iconic dessert during this 90-minute long soufflé workshop. It will be totally worth your time. Course, you will receive a list of ingredients to buy beforehand. Excitingly, a vegan list will also be available and it’s guaranteed to be just as delicious. Furthermore, there’ll be a reward for the best dessert based on pictures. How exciting!

Tickets will be released on Thursday, June 10. Be sure to sign up for the waitlist now to avoid disappointment.

Channel your inner baker and join the waitlist for this epic chocolate soufflé workshop!

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