Kyoto’s Famous Fire Ramen Spot Set To Open In Singapore Next Week • Menbaka Fire Ramen

By Jack Saddler November 16, 2020

Time for a fiery delight of a meal out.

Yes, Menbaka Fire Ramen — the famous Japanese spot — is opening up in Singapore next week. [Featured Image: @menbakaichidai, Instagram].

The restaurant hails from Kyoto, and the fun of it involves the chefs literally setting your food ablaze. And that’s before you’ve tucked into their delicious spices and flavors.

Menbaka guarantee to give their diners a show. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe, but you’ll need to be ready to feel (and see) the HEAT. Just look at those flames on show in the video!


Before tucking into your ramen, chefs will set the dish on fire before your eyes. No biggie.

Menbaka also claim the flames don’t just put on a good show, but they enhance the dishes to boot. They pour little drops of boiling oil onto green onion topping which produces a lovely charred flavour. The result is delicious, but remember, it’s served piping hot (duh). So don’t burn your tongue!

Doors to the new Menbaka spot in Singapore open on November 24, down in Cineleisure Orchard. Be ready for the heat!

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