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You Can Throw Up Your Tag And Paint Walls Without Getting Into Any Trouble At This Spot

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Sponsored SMN Writer (APAC) - Staff Writer (Aus)

You Can Throw Up Your Tag And Paint Walls Without Getting Into Any Trouble At This Spot

Unleash your inner creative vandal and paint these walls.

Do you need a place to throw paint on walls and create? To unleash your inner artist and express yourself in all the shapes, lines and colours that you can without a worry in the world? Then, we’ve found the spot just for you (and your friends too if they want to get in on the fun) and it’s right here in Singapore. 

Heaven Spot is a community-driven space where all who enter are encouraged to let go of their inhibitions, of what’s holding them back and create by picking up a spray can and letting loose on one of the many walls inside.

Write your name, throw up a tag, paint your favourite flower, your spirit animal, or whatever comes to mind. Just paint and feel free. 

At Heaven Spot you’ll be given all the equipment needed to spray your pains away. Choose from paint in all the colours of the rainbow plus some (you get to choose three cans) as well as all the safety equipment you’ll need to breathe easy and keep your own clothes clean.

Once your 75 minutes is up and you’re happy with your piece, Heaven Spot will capture you and your artwork with three high-res photos that you get to take home. Even kids can get in on the fun so long as they can fit on an N95 mask. 

Get your crew together as well for some fun painting walls and get creative together.

Heaven Spot is accepting crews of up to five and is open from Tuesday to Sunday every week with multiple spray painting sessions per day as well.

To unleash your inner creative vandal in a safe space, book below.

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