Hong Kong And Singapore Are Relaunching A Travel Bubble This Month

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

Travel Bubble

Pack your bags, you´re going to Hong Kong! (maybe)

Singapore and Hong Kong are starting quarantine-free travel from May 26. This long awaited travel bubble was first established in November. However, it was suspended due to an increase in covid-19 cases in Hong Kong.

The relaunch will mean that this travel bubble is the second major international air route to open after New Zealand and Australia created a bubble last week.

At first, the travel bubble will just have one flight a day each way with a maximum of 200 passengers. The requirements for flying are that all passengers from Hong Kong must be vaccinated, and all passengers in both cities must take a test within three days of departure and again on arrival. Equally, each traveller must download contact-tracing apps in each city prior to their departure.

In 2020, both Singapore and Hong Kong reported major loses in tourism revenue as they are dependent on foreign visitors. Therefore, each city is excited for a tourism boost.


However, the bubble will be postponed for at least two weeks if the seven-day average of separate cases in either city increase to more than five. Unfortunately, cases are rising in Singapore so you should proceed with caution when making travel plans and prepare for distributions.

We will bring you the latest as it is announced.

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