Travel Through Space And Time With Famed Professor Brian Cox In 2022

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Horizons 2022

The previous tour by Brian Cox broke the Guinness World Record for most tickets sold for a science show.

Are you ready to embark on a cinematic journey through space and time? Professor Brian Cox, who you may have seen on TV, is coming to Singapore to bring you on a space odyssey journey and celebrate the wonders of the universe in his tour, Horizons. This show is planned to take place at Star Performing Arts Centre in 2022, with the date set to be confirmed soon.

Horizons: A 21st Century Space Odyssey

During the show, state-of-the-art LED screen technology will whisk you away to different worlds, far-away galaxies, supermassive black holes and you’ll even get insight into a time before the Big Bang, which will leave you questioning your very existence. Organisers have called Horizons the “most ambitious and spectacular scientific show” so far. Indeed, it is the immersive experience that you can’t miss.

Additionally, Professor Cox will be joined on-stage by comedian Robin Ince. Together, they will celebrate our civilisation and provide an optimistic vision of the future. Using the latest advances in our understanding of quantum theory, black holes, astronomy and more, Professor Cox will answer deep questions about the universe.


Furthermore, Professor Brian Cox has said about the upcoming Horizons show: “I’m very excited about what has emerged! I hope the evening will make people think about how fortunate and precious we are, how strange and wonderful our Universe is, and the limitless future we have to look forward to if we make the right choices over the coming decades.”

Tickets for Horizons: A 21st Century Space Odyssey go on sale this Monday, August 2. To purchase your ticket visit the Lateral Events website.

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