Young Singaporean Moves To Mexico And Builds Dazzling House On An Extinct Volcano

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Young Singaporean Moves To Mexico And Builds Dazzling House On An Extinct Volcano

What an explosive feat!

In a very complicated world we’ve developed this year, it’s important to recognise the achievements that stand out! And this one actually begun three-years ago, before anyone knew what a Covid-19 was. [Featured image: Prashant Ashoka, Facebook].

Writer and photographer Prashant Ashoka from Singapore purchased himself a one-way ticket to Mexico in 2017, when he was 28. Armed with just two suitcases and a rented apartment in Mexico city, Ashoka went on his adventure and built a stunning house up on extinct volcano Palo Huérfano. No biggie, then!

Image: Prashant Ashoka, Facebook.

Absolutely jaw-dropping, isn’t it? Prashant Ashoka shared his marvellous “Casa Etérea” on Facebook this week, and the results must be beyond all of our wildest dreams. Each detail looks inch-perfect and mesmerizing.

Etérea translates to ethereal in Spanish, and there’s no way we could come up with a better description of the setting than that. Have a look through all the pictures Ashoka posted below. They’re quite incredible

Posted by Prashant Ashoka on Monday, September 28, 2020


And it gets even more impressive. Prashant Ashoka designed the project with no background in architecture or design. He conceptualised the design towards a mirror house that blends into nature but ensures birds are not hurt through ultraviolet coating.

Casa Etérea is also efficient. It draws from rainwater in the area and its power all comes from solar energy. In no time at all, this unique house even gained a front cover from Architectural Digest Mexico.

Ashoka said: “The central idea was to build a space in nature that would stir a sense of wonder and encourage dreaming. A secluded hideaway that would hopefully be a place of reflection and metamorphosis for those who stay.”

If you like what you see, you could be in luck. Ashoka has now put the idyllic setting up for rent on Airbnb for $338-per-night.

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