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Get A Taste Of The Caribbean With This Bottomless Brunch Or Rum Tasting · Lime House

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Get A Taste Of The Caribbean With This Bottomless Brunch Or Rum Tasting · Lime House

The best is yet to rum at Lime House.

As we tentatively ease dining restrictions and navigate our way through the phases, we’re looking toward the future and thinking of the ways we can spend time with our closest friends.

We’ve searched and found out about the concept of ‘liming’, which is essentially the Caribbean way of saying ‘hanging out with friends’. But since we like to take inspiration from far and wide, we gon’ be liming and there’s no better place to do that than at the rumtastic Lime House with its bottomless brunch or its premium rum tasting sessions.

Bottomless Brunch

On Saturdays and Sundays beginning in July, Lime House rolls out its three-course brunch with free-flowing cocktails, beers, wines and spirits to whet appetites and loosen tongues.

On arrival, brunchers will be welcomed with Lime House’s signature punch made with Bajan Rum, hibiscus, cloves, cinnamon and lime—ask for the Sorrelade for the non-alcoholic version—before moving onto one of three tapas. Choose from the pan-friend shrimp with habanero served on a plantain coracle, a jerk chicken skewer or the island fav, Caribbean nachos.

If you’re a big fan of the jerk chicken, you could order it again for your main or instead select the pan-seared fish snapper served with spicy Jouvert sauce to eat your fill. But if you’re a lover of curry, then Lime House’s Tribajam goat curry or Ital coconut curry stew will satisfy and delight. But save room for dessert because the spice banana cake is scrumptious while the chocolate mouse is made with rum—yum!

Across the two-hour brunch hanging with friends, you’ll be sipping on cocktails (your choice from Bermudian Mule, Lime House Spritz or Dark & Stormy) as well as red and white wines, a selection of craft beers and a number of spirits, too, like Smoke Lab’s vodka, rum by Chairman’s Reserve, Monkey Shoulder’s whiskey and Bulldog London gin.

Call your friends, tell them you’re liming and brunching as soon as possible.

Grab your tickets to brunch here.

Premium Rum Tasting

Lime House has got all the rums.

Behind the bar, they’ve got white rums, they’ve got dark rums, blended rums and flavoured rums, too. They’ve also got rums from around the world, from the home of the sweet spirit in the Caribbean to countries further afield like Australia, South African, Japan and Scotland. There are rums that are three years old and rums that are fifteen, and rums that have been aged in sherry, cognac and port casks that are a world’s difference in taste.

More importantly, though, Lime House has a top team of bartenders that know their rums. So, when it comes to a rum tasting, there are few places you’d rather go because at Lime House you will get to taste three premium rums carefully selected to suit your individual taste and preference.

Not too sure what you like when it comes to rum? No worries. Tell your bartender on the night what you like—something strong, something light, something with a hint of vanilla or a touch of spice—and they’ll not only choose wisely, they’ll also give you the rum-down on rum production and the history of the famed island spirit.

With over 500 high-quality bottles of rum stacked high and low at Lime House, there’s a tipple for everyone’s tastes.

Discover why rum is part of the social and cultural fabric of the Caribbean with a rum flight.

From its ‘welcome home’ vibes to its superb Jamaican jerk chicken and baby back ribs to its bartenders who hail from around the world but not call Singapore home, the essence of the Caribbean can be found at Lime House.

Eat well to rum well and at Lime House, you’ll be liming more than once.

Lime House Rum Tasting

September 28, 2021 5:00 PM
October 2, 2021 12:00 PM
From SGD76.00