An Elegant New Restaurant Has Taken Over Flower Dome In Gardens By The Bay

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Marguerite Restaurant Gardens By The Bay

A new fine dining restaurant has launched in Singapore. Marguerite brings a surreal contemporary-inspired dining among nature to the former Pollen Restaurant space.

Helmed by Michelin-starred chef and owner, Australian-born Michael Wilson has transformed Pollen with a fresh new identity and theme. Interestingly, Wilson is also behind the new pet-friendly gelato café, Mylos, which was inspired by his golden retriever.

At Marguerite in Singapore, expect delicious and creative handcrafted plates of seasonal goodness, using local and international artisans.

For example, the seven-course tasting menu includes experimental dishes like poached ora king salmon, watermelon ravioli, made from dehydrated watermelon skin, topped with goat cheese and pistachio filling, as well as black angus with braised kale, fermented shallots, to name a few.


Excitingly, opt to pair your meal with some fine global wines or a unique collection of non-alcoholic beverages including fermented teas and clarified juices. For example, chamomile, pineapple and apricot tea paired with a relevant dessert.

Additionally, on the second floor of the Flower Dome, you’ll find another new Mediterranean café called Hortus developed by Wilson. Equally, all three eateries mentioned have been opened in collaboration with Unlisted Collection.

Remarkably, this is one of the best romantic dining spots in Singapore. With views of the Marina Bay skyline…how could you go wrong? Indeed, Marguerite Restaurant in Singapore is unmissable this season. For bookings, visit the Marguerite website.

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