Race Around Singapore On Mario Karts First-Ever Southeast Asian Track

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

Mario Kart Tour Singapore 2022

Nintendo announced this week that its Mario Kart Tour is coming to Singapore. Wonderfully, you can now race around Singapore on its brand new track, Singapore Speedway.

Singapore Speedway is the latest real-world inspired circuit track to be featured on Mario Kart Tour. Previously, major global cities like London, Sydney, Los Angeles, and more, were added to the games race course.

Excitingly, Singapore Speedway is inspired by the city of Singapore. Therefore, players can race around Singapore Harbour, while taking in iconic views of the Merlion statue, epic skyscrapers, such as Marina Bay Hotel, Singapore Flyer and much more.


Watch the trailer below:

Until January 2023, Mario Kart fans can take advantage of the Mario Kart Tour in Singapore.

For those of you who don’t know, Mario Kart Tour is a popular spin-off of Mario Kart available on IOS and Android devices.

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