The No.1 Restaurant In The World Is Coming To Singapore

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

Mirazur Restaurant

Foodies, this one is for you!

Renowned French restaurant, Mirazur is coming to Singapore this May. The restaurant will temporarily visit the space of Kin Restaurant while it closes to make way for the 3-Michelin-Starred Mirazur. At present, Mirazur has taken first place in the 50 Best Restaurants In The World list. Excitingly, the pop-up will run for three months at Straits Clan members club.

From May to August, you can expect to indulge on a six-course lunch at $388 or a nine-course dinner for $488. This limited dining experience is open to the public for reservations on April 20, while members can reserve on April 19.

Mirazur cuisine has always been inspired by nature. So you can look forward to an inspiring menu with local ingredient changes by famous Argentinean chef Mauro Colagreco. While, award-wining chef of Kin restaurant, Damian D´Silvia will lend a hand in creating authentic tasty dishes for Singaporeans to delight in.


Expect high demand for a table at Mirazur, so if you want to experience this, you must book rapidly. This pop-up is part of Straits Clan rebranding to Mandala Club. To book, visit the Mandala Club website. Additionally, follow Mirazur on Instagram to keep up with updates.

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