Master The Art Of The Cocktail With These Workshops By Singapore’s Expert Mixologists—The Shake Affinity

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Master The Art Of The Cocktail With These Workshops By Singapore’s Expert Mixologists—The Shake Affinity

Don’t just shake it like a pro. Master the art of the cocktail with a  mixology workshop.

There’s more to making a good cocktail than just throwing a couple of spirits, a liqueur, juice and adding a dash of spice or bitters into the mix before shaking them all together and serving it up in a fancy glass. Mixology is an art and at this Bartending and Mixology workshop you will not only get the low-down on what makes a good cocktail—nay, a great cocktail—but you will also get to drink what you create.

It’s time to level up you’re cocktail game and serve to impress.

In the 90-minute workshop held at the stylish and modern Daizu Cafe, you will be guided through every step of the cocktail-making process by the professional mixologists at The Shake Affinity—the mobile cocktail experts who have shaken, stirred, muddled and strained all across the city at events like the Singapore International Film Festival and the Michelin Gala Dinner Awards.

They will provide you with all the tools of the trade necessary to master the basic techniques of bartending and mixology before handing over all the ingredients—from the base spirits and liqueurs to the fruits, juices, sweeteners and garnish—so you can re-create your favourite cocktails and mocktails. And then it will be time to drink up and taste what you have made.

The Bartending and Mixology Workshops at Daizu Cafe take place from Monday to Thursday at 3pm and 5pm or the weekend at 3pm. A minimum of two people is required for the class to go ahead so get in touch with your cocktail-loving friends.

However, if you can’t make it to Daizu Cafe or if you would prefer The Shake Affinity to come to you, then this can also be arranged. These professional bartenders have plenty of experience setting up their mobile cocktail stations at offices, homes and conference centres all across Singapore.

In fact, they’ve served more than 500,000 guests at thousands of events since 2014 making them Singapore’s leading mobile cocktail experts. Book them for your next get-together, party, reunion or team building event and you won’t be disappointed.

Take a look at the plans in more detail below and choose the one that best suits you.

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