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This Instagrammable Museum Of Ice Cream Has Just Opened In Singapore

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Editor

Museum Of Ice Cream

Prepare to be taken on a journey beyond your wildest imagination!

This immersive museum experience deserves to be top of everyone’s bucket list. Taking its inspiration from the Museum Of Ice Cream in New York City, this pink interactive ice cream-themed museum has finally made its way to Singapore, and officially opens, today, August 19.

The Museum Of Ice Cream Singapore provokes imagination, creativity and aims to connect people through their love for ice cream.

Museum Of Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Museum Of Ice Cream

Spanning 60,000 square feet, with 14 installations, this experiential museum is an Instagram haven and provides the perfect ice cream adventure. Therefore, if you love photography or just a damn good selfie, this sensational world is guaranteed to get you those well-deserved likes!

Expect to dive into both the largest sprinkle pool ever created and Asia’s first-ever one. Equally, you’ll see a pink and yellow jungle covered in bananas, a Singapore-inspired dragon playground and much more. On your adventure, you’ll be treated to plenty of scrumptious ice cream treats.

Excitingly, the Museum also hosts a café, bar and retail shop that is open to the public for free. So even if you don’t get tickets, you can enjoy delicious signature scoops of ice cream, specialty milkshakes, food and more.


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For tickets, visit the Museum Of Ice Cream Singapore website.

📍 100 Loewen Road, Dempsey, Singapore 248837

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