A New Insta-Worthy Botanical Glasshouse Has Opened In Singapore

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N Parks Botanical Garden

Singaporeans, listen up!

Nature lovers and photographers will be scrambling to the newest attraction in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The incredible Tropical Montane Orchidetum has just opened.

N Parks
Photo Credit: N Parks

Experience the magic of tropical mountain trails, see the different vegetation from lowland forests to rich high-elevation montane forests, and admire the wide range of plants and orchids from around the world. Specifically, species and plants fromĀ South and Central America, Malaysia and various Asian countries.

The botanical glasshouse features an air-conditioned cooling space which originally opened in 2004. However, it has been resigned to be four times larger in order to showcase and preserve more species.

It is an enlightening journey through the botanical glasshouse for anyone who visits. Especially, Instagrammers will love this unique space with a wonderful array of photo opportunities.


This collection is housed in the National Orchid Garden. Excitingly, admissions start at $1, while kids under 12 go free. What are you waiting for?

šŸ“ 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore, 259569Ā 

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