This Dreamy Yacht Picnic In Singapore Is Your Next Adventure

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Yacht Picnic Experience Singapore Yachtnic

If one of your favourite things to do is catch a spectacular sunset and indulge on a delightful picnic in Singapore, then you’ve come to the right place.

We bet you’re bored of traditional parks and beaches, so why not level up your picnic experience by taking a private picnic yacht cruise in Singapore. Yachtnic is an exclusive private chartering company that offers unique and affordable sunset picnics at sea.

Excitingly, sail from Sentosa, cruise by iconic landmarks at Marina, deck at Lazarus for watersports and end with a prepared picnic at sundown. Definitely, the most breathtaking and romantic experience for friends or lovers.

Wonderfully, a party of up to five people could pay just $599 between them for a 4-hour package. This includes 2-hour sailing with decorations, assorted picnic set-up, mineral water bottles, captain and crew, and plenty more. Alternatively, the 3-hour package is perfect for those who get seasick because it’s the same picnic on a yacht but on the dock instead.


Whatever you choose, both offer truly dreamy adventures. Indeed, this picnic yacht experience is excellent for any special occasion. Definitely, it will make celebrations more surreal against the backdrop of the glowing Singapore skyline.

To indulge on this yacht picnic in Singapore, guest must be fully vaccinated. For bookings, visit the Yachtnic Instagram page.

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