Travel From Portugal To Singapore On The World’s Longest New Train Route

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train from Portugal to Singapore

A new prolonged railway journey has made it possible for travellers to venture from Lagos in Portugal all the way to Singapore.

According to travel experts the 11,654-mile journey could be done in 21 days. Wonderfully, the route includes little changes and some overnight stays in iconic cities. Indeed, this Portugal to Singapore train route has set a new record for the longest continuous railway journey globally.

train route Portugal Singapore
Photo Credit: Unsplash in Lagos, Portugal

Excitingly, travellers can look forward to route stops including Paris, Moscow in Russia, Beijing in China, Bangkok in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, to name a few.

This game-changing route came to life with the opening of a railway connection from Laos to China. Likewise, connecting travellers to Bangkok and Malaysia by train. Previously, rail travellers finished their trips in Vietnam. Equally, taking other methods to Singapore.


train from Portugal to Singapore
Photo Credit: Reddit

Unfortunately, two routes are suspended temporarily due to the pandemic. These include Paris to Moscow and Moscow to Beijing. Consequently, eager travellers will have to wait to take this scenic travel route.

Interestingly, this Portugal to Singapore train trip is estimated to cost just over $1,700 Singaporean Dollars. Search for train travel worldwide on the Seat 61 website.

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