This Hot New Singapore Pizza Joint Serves Delicious Oversized Pizza Pies

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New York Pizza Singapore

Dive into a delicious slice of New York.

Do you feel like Italian pizza thrives in Singapore? Well, Proper Slice BYGB is set to change that with their larger, thinner and greasier slices of oversized New York pizza.

The new eatery was born from the creators of the famous Lucali BYGB, and it takes its inspiration from NYC’s iconic grab-and-go street pizzerias. Likewise, you’ll find it hidden away on Gemmill Lane.

Excitingly, you can wolf into some honest and proper white pizzas, baked to perfection, with signature thin crust, and smothered in all your favourite ingredients like spinach, pepperoni, sausage and ricotta. Additionally, you can purchase a quick fix of Stromboli, meatballs, doughy garlic knot balls, tiramisu and more.

The most iconic concept is the famous gigantic pizza pies which are already a huge hit at their sister joint. These pizza pies are excellent for sharing, but if you’re hungry, we don’t blame you if you’d rather not share. Indeed, the loaded cheeses, extra sauces, and perfectly baked crust will have you pining for more. Wonderfully, the pizza pies come in dessert form, with their mouth-watering calzone packed with a naughty lumpsum of Nutella and ricotta.


What are you waiting for? Your slice of heavenly pizza awaits at this rapid takeaway-only service which is the perfect solution to fill your belly fast in Singapore.

📍 110 Amoy Street #01-02 (Entrance off, Gemmill Ln, Singapore 069930

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