8 Unusual Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Encounter In Singapore

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Animal lovers, this one is for you.

Singapore is home to a fascinating array of exciting animals. And there are many in the wilderness you probably didn’t know existed, believed were extinct, or thought they lived in other regions. So, whether you’re after a glimpse of a cute or terrifying rare wild animal, Singapore doesn’t disappoint. Check out 8 unusual animals that you can find in the Singapore wilderness.

1. Mousedeer

Mousedeer Singapore
Photo Credit: Singapore Zoo

Mousedeer are a critically endangered species that you’ll find in Singapore’s regions of Pulau Ubin, Central Catchment Area and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. There are two mousedeer species, the first being the Lesser Mousedeer (pictured), which is the world’s smallest hoofed animal. Meanwhile, the Greater Mousedeer, was once thought to be extinct in Singapore, when it was absent for more than 80 years. Although, these animals are shy, they boast strong fangs and attitude.

2. Pink Dolphins

A close up encounter with these adorable creatures may be rare, but you’ll spot many of them swimming between Singapore and Batam. Otherwise known as the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, these creatures are known to be friendly. Although, if you want to get close with a dolphin, you must head to Dolphin Island, and meet the magnificent Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins. They aren’t pink in colour, but it’s still a surreal experience.

3. Flying Lemurs

Now, seeing the video above and hearing the word ”Flying” is a little terrifying. But fear not, these animals neither fly and they are neither Lemurs. Confused yet? Traditionally named Colugos, they can be seen gliding through the air, when jumping from trees. Particularly, the ones that call Singapore home are the Sunda Colugos. To spot one of these marvellous creatures head to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, they are in extreme danger from poachers.

4. Bull Sharks

These sightings are extremely rare, but have occurred. As one of the most dangerous shark species due to their aggressive nature and ability to migrate up rivers, you don’t want to get too close to an adult bull shark. Mainly their prey is other marine wildlife, such as fish, and other shark species. However, humans may find themselves on the dinner menu if they provoke a bull shark.


5. Leopard Cats

These native Asian creatures are extremely endangered in Singapore. As of 2021, there are less than 25 Leopard Cats left on the mainland of Singapore due to loss of natural forest habitat. They are the same size as domestic cats, and people across the world have occasionally kept them as pets. Sadly, some with the intent to breed them with domestic cats to create the popular Bengal cat.

6. Banded Leaf Monkey

The population of this species is decreasing, and it is believed there are only around 60 left in Singapore. They are black and white in colour, and their traditional name is the Raffles Banded Langur. Not much is known about them as they are understudied. If you’re lucky, you may spot one at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and the surroundings.

7. Estuarine Crocodiles

Rare Animals Singapore
Photo Credit: Unsplash

These cold-blooded creatures, otherwise known as the Saltwater Crocodile, have attacked and killed humans across the world. Though, they are not commonly sighted anymore in Singapore. However, they do exist, and you have a small chance of spotting one at the Singapore River, Sungei Buloh, or the Kranji Reservoir, to name a few places. Indeed, one of the most unusual animals to spot in Singapore.

8. Pied Oriental Hornbill

Native to Singapore, these precious black and white birds, were once thought to be extinct, but made a reappearance in the 1990s. Many people have had some grim encounters with these birds, but they are not dangerous to humans. Expect to find them around most of Singapore, and specifically, Pulau Ubin.

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