Singapore’s Atlas Bar Officially Named Fourth-Best Bar In The World

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Singapore’s Atlas Bar Officially Named Fourth-Best Bar In The World

We’ve got a top-five bar, guys.

A new list has just been published, and it’s official. Lots of our bars are among the best in the world. [Featured Image: @atlasbarsg, Instagram].

We didn’t need telling, but it’s nice to be recognised in writing all the same! The bars in Singapore are preeeettty great, after all.

And, Atlas Bar has performed the best of them all, taking the mighty fourth place in Top 50 Bars’ list of the best bars in the world in 2020. They even recognised it as the best bar in the whole of Asia!

Atlas Bar was only bettered by three spots in the list. Connaught Bar in London took the prized first-place. It saw off Dante, in New York City, and The Clumsies, in Athens, who followed closely behind at second and third place, respectively.


Coming just behind Atlas Bar were London’s Tayēr + Elementary and Kwānt (we’re sensing a Londony-theme on this list) at fifth and sixth place. Florería Atlántico (Buenos Aires), Coa (Hong Kong), our very own Singaporean Jigger and Pony and The SG Club (Tokyo) made up the rest of the top 10.

As well as Atlas Bar and Jigger and Pony’s very respectable fourth and ninth place finishes, there were also a few more Singapore bars with top 50 bragging rights. Manhattan came in at number 14, and Native followed at 18. Not bad, not bad at all.

So, there we have it. We got an official list that proves to the world how amazing our bars are. Of course, we already knew. Congratulations to Atlas Bar!

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