Singapore Crowned The Happiest Country In Southeast Asia

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

Singapore Happy Country

Because being happy never goes out of style.

We’ve got amazing news to share with all you Singaporeans, yep that is right, Singapore is officially the happiest nation in Southeast Asia. The 2021 World Happiness Report has ranked Singapore as the happiest country in Southeast Asia, scoring 6.7 out of 8 points.

This years report considered the effects of COVID-19 and how governments handled the pandemic, as well as factors such as standard of living, GDP, social support, education system, life expectancy, and more which played a vital role in rank markings. Ironically, Singapore was previously crowned the most fatigued nation on the planet. Therefore, we are happy but we’re bizarrely tired.


Finland came in first, once again, with a score of 7.8, followed by Denmark at 7.6 and Switzerland with a score of 7.5. Iceland ranked fourth, while the Netherlands took fifth place. Meanwhile, our beloved nation came in at 32nd place out of 149 countries.

Furthermore, Afghanistan was ranked, understandably, as the least happiest nation globally with a score of 2.5.

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