Singapore Is Officially The Second-Most Overworked City Of 2020

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Singapore Is Officially The Second-Most Overworked City Of 2020

Some have joked that we need to be top next time…

Strive for number one I guess? [Featured Image: Avel Chuklanov, Unsplash].

Not exactly, this time. Singapore has been ranked as the second-most overworked city in the world. We were also ranked ninth-from-bottom in a study of 50 cities’ work/life balance.

Well, I guess we all know that we take our work seriously here in Singapore. But, this study by Kisi really has driven that fact home. In order, the top-five most overworked cities of 2020 are: Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

Image: Marvin Meyer, Unsplash

Second place is the same spot we were given in 2019. So, it seems that working from home due to the virus hasn’t changed many of our working habits.

Kisi’s study found that Singaporeans spend an average of 51.1 hours a week working, or commuting. It also showed that 25% of our population is overworked.


Showing what Singapore could aim towards, Oslo in Norway took the title for city with the best work/life balance. The rest of the top-five were made up by Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg and Berlin (Germany).

Factors for the rankings came under four sections: Work Intensity, Society and Institutions, City Liveability and Covid-19. Each have their own sub-sections.

Singapore scored well on sub-sections like social well-being, but not so much on aspects like inclusivity. It also fell-behind on air-quality, but did well on the other city-liveability categories. Singapore also received an excellent rank for Covid-19, due to the lower impact on the economy and unemployment than other cities.

Read the entire study by Kisi right here.

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