You’ll Be Able To Take An Epic Bus Journey From Singapore To Delhi This Year

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You’ll Be Able To Take An Epic Bus Journey From Singapore To Delhi This Year

Prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure.

I’m sure none of you need reminding that during 2020 — well, most of it, anyway — travel was pretty much a write-off. [Featured Image: Adventures Overland].

But, this year, a trip of a lifetime could be on the cards for you. If you choose to partake, you’ll hop on a luxury coach for an epic journey through five different countries.

Adventures Overland, an India-based travel and expedition company, have got this wonderful proposition for you. This is really one to bring out the explorer in you.

20 days, five countries, 4,500km later you’ll find yourself in Delhi, having started out on one coach in Singapore. The bus plans stops in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar before arriving in India.

Image: Adventures Overland

After a day in Singapore, getting to know your fellow-adventurers, you’ll set sail (well, not literally) on the coach to the first stop, Malaysia’s stunning capital Kuala Lumpur. You’ll explore the city’s culture as you like, before heading to the beautiful Cameron Highlands and stunning views of Mount Jerai.

Then, the coach will park up in Thailand. Passengers hit the jackpot by landing on the white sands and picturesque sea views of Krabi beach. After a few days of relaxation, it’s then time to explore the city of Bangkok — with palaces, food, temples, markets and more to be dazzled by. Upon, leaving the capital, the bus will make its way to the town of Tak before crossing the famous Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Bridge.


Your introduction to Myanmar will be one of spectacular proportions, with your love for the country already hitting dazzling heights. Literally as well, this time. Because you’ll take in the shimmering gold on Mount Kyaikto. From there, travellers will hit the cities of Yangon and Naypyidaw, before being taken around the ancient wonders of Bagan. After this, the coach glides over the 46 World War II-era Iron Bridges, before heading into the final country of the trip.

After making it over the Myanmar-India Friendship bridge, the coach will soon end its journey in Delhi, India. It’s sure to have given you a lifetime of stories of the space of 20 days, probably making you all the more desperate to continue travelling!

Image: Adventures Overland

Included in the ticket is hotels for each night, meals, English-speaking guides for each country, fuel and tolls, and much more. You can find out all the information on inclusions, exclusions and more via Adventures Overland’s website and downloading the brochure.

The journey takes place between 5-24 December, 2021. The total cost of the trip is 625000 Indian Rupees, which is approximately S$11,385.

So, it may not be cheap, but you sure to get a hell of a lot included, the best of which are the stunning sights to see. Visit Adventures Overland for more information.

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