Singaporean COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Identified As Equal To EU Digital Passport

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Last night (November 24), the European Commission publicised that the Singaporean COVID-19 certificate will be recognised as equivalent to the EU’s Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

Excitingly, Singapore is the first Southeast Asian country to have certificates identified as equal to the EU. Equally, Singapore agreed to accept the EU’s Digital Certificate identically in Singapore.

The EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate is digital proof that a person has either been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from the virus in the last few months.

Singaporean Vaccination
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Indeed, the certificate has made travel for Europeans and residents of Europe much easier this year. As such, travelling between Singapore and Europe should be stress-free. Likewise, fully-vaccinated Singaporeans, who can provide a certificate, will be exempted from testing or quarantine when travelling to EU states.


However, there is a possibility that local COVID-19 laws will change. It is strongly advised that you check the rules for the country you plan to travel to beforehand. Perhaps, you could be subjected to new travel restrictions.

Additionally, quarantine-free travel has been revived with Denmark. They previously declared Singapore a high-risk country on November 11. Overall, the Singaporean COVID-19 certificate equivalence makes travel to Europe much more affordable.

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