Pass The Time Between Squid Game Season One And Two With This Squid Game String Art Session

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

triangle guy in string art from squid games

Squid Game—the South Korean series that took the world by storm—is currently between seasons. Unlike the aptly titled episode two (‘Hell’), we’re in a kind of limbo waiting for season two. But to draw us closer to Gi-hun’s new adventures, Fann Art Thérapie in Singapore is helping die-hard fans pass the time and relive the madness of season one with a string art workshop where they can make a decorative board for their home.

This string art Squid Game experience is the perfect Christmas gift for fans.string art craft of squid game characters

While we don’t know what Hwang Dong-hyuk—the director, creator, and writer of the show—has in store for Gi-hun and the rest of the cast (that remain alive), we do know what Fann Art has got planned in their string art workshop. 

Those that attend the workshop session will get to make a complete set of Squid Game designs, which includes three mini key chains with 1 x Circle, 1 x Triangle and 1 x Square figures as well as a decorative wooden board with a whole pink guy design. They’ll get to choose Circle, Triangle or Square to make and then will get to take home the 10 x 15cm board and proudly display their creation. string art wooden board craft squid game

From nailing to stringing, fans of the show will be involved in the entire process of their string art creations. And while they’re at it, they’ll be provided snacks as well as tea and coffee throughout the afternoon session, which takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

If you know someone who loves Squid Game and you are thinking of getting a handmade present, or an experience for them to relive their favourite show, then this is the perfect gift.

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