Discover Singapore With These Guided Tours On Foot, Bike And Through Time Travel

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Discover Singapore With These Guided Tours On Foot, Bike And Through Time Travel

How well do you know Singapore? If you live in Singapore, were born here or grew up here, we hope that your answer is at the very least pretty well. However, our home has a long history and there are plenty of stories that remain hidden in plain sight, around corners you might not have visited in a long time and down streets you haven’t yet ventured down.

With Let’s Go Tour Singapore, you will travel to distant times and be guided through the history and stories that have shaped the city-state. Take a look at their guided tours below and find the one that most interests you.

Is it a walk through Kampong Glam, a food tour by bike, or a nighttime cycle taking in the spectacular lights and sights of modern-day Singapore?

Ah Huat in Chinatown: Guided Walking Tour

Let’s Go Tour Singapore specialises in theatrical tours and their newest addition is its guided walking tour through Chinatown.

On this trip through time and space, you will follow the fictional Tan Ah Huat through Chinatown and be entertained by the stories he has heard, lived and learnt since arriving himself in 1921. Visiting different locations, Ah Huat will reveal details about the lives of Singapore’s earliest immigrants, how they survived and how one joss-stick house brought comfort and consolation to their lives.

The entertaining narrative will unfold Singapore’s past right before your very eyes and leave you with a greater appreciation of Chinatown and its role in shaping the Singapore we know and love today.

Chinatown tour details and tickets

Aminah in Kampong Glam: Guided Walking Tour

This theatrical walking tour around Singapore will take you through Kampong Glam following the footsteps of Aminah, the 86-year old makcik. Join her as she recounts stories from her childhood in the 1930s, the struggles of those that lived there and the tales of war heroes.

With the use of historical facts, props and some multimedia, the history of Kampong Glam will unravel before you unveiling the culture and life in those early days. Delve into the story and be amazed at what you learn while having a fun jaunt through the streets.

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Trails Of Tan Ah Huat: Singapore 1920s Guided Cycling Tour

Off your feet and onto a bike because Tan An Huat is back and he’s got places to show you.

On this adventure through Singapore, he’s about to whirl you through and past Kampong Glam, Singapore River, Jinrikisha Station and more places all the while revealing stories behind characters like Muhamad Zulfri (Malay Fisherman), Mr Singh (Doorman), Lim Mei Hua to open your eyes further and uncover the country’s history and culture.

We all know that the modern-day city that is Singapore is nothing like how it once was, but see it hot on the wheels of An Huat and you’ll be amazed at what you now take for granted.

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Marina Bay Night Cycling Tour

Marina Bay is as modern as any global city can get. And at night it is a sight to see and behold more than once.

While the cycle along the promenade will take you past the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (is this Singapore’s most recognisable building?), you will also get to see up close the Southern Hemisphere’s largest observation wheel, the F1 garages and ride the perimeter of the Gardens By The Bay plus many more sights. Have you seen the floating football pitch?

But this cycle tour isn’t just about seeing the sight lit up at night. You will also learn how the Marina Barrage works to dam the Marina Channel and how the buildings along the Singapore River have been transformed from warehouses into the trendiest bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

TourMarina Bay by night details and tickets

ASEAN Bites By Bike: A Journey Through Flavours

You could argue that Singapore is a city connected by the food of various cultures and ethnicities. As a global hub, it is weaved through our streets and neighbourhoods and it not only brings us together, it binds us together. For us, it is more than just sustenance and we love to eat.

On this food-focused guided bike tour you will traverse tastes and ASEAN cuisines as you cycle through the vibrant and bustling Peninsula, down Waterloo Street and through our very own Little Thailand at Golden Mile Complex.

Travel the world through bites sounds and explore the smaller enclaves of Singapore.

ASEAN Tour details and tickets

Historical Singapore Bike Tour

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and home to diverse nationalities and people who have made a life here in recent years. However, modern-day Singapore and its newest residents live quite differently from how Singaporeans lived 100 or 200 years ago. Even still, there are places where life in the city runs at a different pace.

On this guided cycling tour of Singapore, you will pass through a residential town, sample typical food and drink and stop off at a ‘coffeeshop’ and maybe a market if there is time. You will also pass by a 100-year-old fire station, a number of museums and other famous landmarks including the statue of Sir Stamford Thomas Raffles, founder of modern Singapore before entering the ultra-modern business district.

Hop on and find out that there is more to Singapore than you know.

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Ah Huat in Chinatown: Guided Walking Tour

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