8 Most Haunted Places In Singapore To Spook The Life Out Of You

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Haunted Places Singapore

These places are seriously eerie.

If getting spooked excites you then you’ve come to right place. In honour of Halloween, we’ve rounded up the most haunted known places in Singapore. From frightening hospitals to sinister cemeteries, there is an array of spooky places around. But, be warned some readers may find this distressing. Here are eight of the most haunted places in Singapore.

1. Old Changi Hospital

Let’s start with a nice old abandoned hospital, shall we? As creepy spots go, Old Changi Hospital ticks all the boxes. It was built in 1935, and held 50,000 prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation. There are even rumours that Japanese Secret Police used a torture chamber at Old Changi to gain information from the prisoners. Since 1997, the spot has been abandoned and reports of paranormal activity have been attributed to its name. Unfortunately, the public are not allowed inside the hospital as it remains a restricted access site, but you can walk around the outer grounds.

📍 24 Halton Rd, Singapore 506997

2. Old Tampines Road

This spot is said to cause a peculiar act on drivers and cyclists when passing through the road. Many have reported feeling weight and pressure on them as they drive through the Old Tampines Road. Some say the area is haunted by Pontianaks, which are spirits of women that died during childbirth. We certainly won’t be taking the car out for a drive around here during the night.

3. Amber Beacon Tower

The Yellow Tower comes with another spooky tale. It is thought to be haunted by the spirit of a victim, Kelly Tan Ah, who was tragically murdered in the vicinity in 1990. The murder remains unsolved. Passerby’s have reported hearing screams from the tower, and seeing apparitions of a young woman. Indeed, this would explain any strange paranormal activity.

📍 920 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449875

4. National Museum Of Singapore

Perhaps the biggest name, in terms of landmark, on this list. It’s a wonderful old Victorian building, erected in 1882, that adds to the spookiness. National Museum Of Singapore is rumored to be haunted by a former zoologist employee of the grounds, Carl Alexander Gibson Hill. He is said to have committed suicide on the grounds, and the spiral staircase – currently sealed off from public – is believed to be a spot for scary sightings. Many visitors claim to have felt something stopping them from climbing the stairs.


📍 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897

5. Bukit Brown Cemetery

A typical spot for some sinister sightings, being a graveyard and all. This is thought to be the biggest Chinese cemetery outside of China, holding about 100,000 graves. You can visit here, guided by Bukit Brown Wayfinder if you’re brave enough! Sightings of restless spirits have included a “lady in red”. *Gulp*.

📍 36C Lor Halwa, Singapore 298637

6. Bishan MRT

This train station stands over the former grounds of a Chinese cemetery, Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng, which was exhumed in 1982. This may have angered some resting spirits, as the story goes. There have been sightings of passengers with no reflection and even a headless ghost. Creepy stuff. Glad I don’t have to use this station every day, to be honest…

📍 Bishan, Singapore 

7. Caldecott Hill

Image: Richard Lee, Flickr

Sitting behind the creepy ol’ Bukit Brown Cemetery, is the equally spooky Mediacorp HQ. This spot has many haunted tales, including people hearing their name be called… how do they know our names? This information is enough to have you jumping out of your trousers. On top of that, people claim to have seen ghostly figures in the corners. Nope, nope, nope.

8. Bedok Reservoir

A very creepy and tragic spot for our final entry. The Bedok Reservoir has gained a name of “suicide spot”. A number of people have taken their life by jumping off the rocks. People have reported hearing creepy whispers and cries in the area, and people kayaking in the lake have reported injuries all over their body after capsizing into the water. There have even been ceremonies here in attempts to cleanse the area of bad spirits.

📍 Eastern Singapore 

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