An Orient Express Train Pop-Up Exhibition Is Riding Into Singapore In December 2020 For Six Months

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An Orient Express Train Pop-Up Exhibition Is Riding Into Singapore In December 2020 For Six Months

All aboard the Orient Express!

Residents of Singapore will no longer have to wonder what it would’ve been like to ride a trans-European train 100 years ago. [Featured Image: Sistic].

Image: Sistic

Why? Well, the Orient Express is rolling into town, duh! That’s right, on December 12, a full exhibition of the famous people carrier is coming for six months. “Once Upon A Time On The Orient Express” opens up at the West Lawn of Gardens by the bay, and marks its first appearance in Singapore.

The Orient Express exhibition originally appeared in Paris, and features two 1930 carriages and an 158-year-old locomotive. It aimed to show the mythical glory of the wondrous train service that first hit the tracks in 1883. On top of setting foot in a unique, antique carriage, visitors are presented with 300 artefacts and documents to marvel at. These include original Louis Vuitton luggage, uniforms, shields and much more.

Image: Sistic

And the fun does not stop there. Not one bit. There’s an escape room based on the seminal Agatha Christie novel “Murder On The Orient Express”, where visitors can play the character of Hercule Poirot.


Then, to top off a wonderful day out, there’s an orient express cafĂ© for coffee blends that were made famous on the Orient Express journeys. If you’re hungry, there’s also food served all day in a replica restaurant carriage.

Image: Sistic

Surely, they had you at role-playing of Poirot escape rooms, right? Whatever element of the eclectic tour piqued your interest, you’ll be glad to know you can purchase your tickets very soon. Head over to Sistic from October 2 at 9am to book your spot.

“Once Upon A Time On The Orient Express” graces Singapore from December 12 2020-June 13 2021. Tickets cost S$25 each.

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