Discover Authentic Thai Noodles At This New Eatery In Singapore

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Authentic Noodles Singapore Siam Smith

Another new delicious restaurant has launched in Singapore. Wonderfully, Siam Smith Thai Noodle Bar offers the ultimate comfort food experience at Palais Renaissance.

Expect an authentic menu, specialising in traditional Thai cuisine, inspired by Thai street vendors in Southern Thailand. Indeed, the restaurant uses top-quality ingredients and beef cuts.

At Siam Smith Thai Noodle Bar, devour a range of indulgent traditional Thai dishes, with a modern twist.

For example, the Thai beef noodles and rich creamy tom yun noodles are customer favourites, which are bowls of goodness oozing with flavour.

Siam Smith Noodles Singapore
Photo Credit: Siam Smith

Particularly, the Thai beef noodle was derived from a generational family recipe. Excitingly, it’s a full-bodied broth, simmered for hours, topped with blends of spices and herbs, to create a delightful robust flavour.

Additionally, customers can enjoy an array of full-flavoured rice dishes, salads, bites like Thai prawn cakes and chicken wings, desserts, alcoholic beverages, and much more.


The restaurant interior is decorated in modern tones. Think marble tables and comfy chairs, among hues of gold and neon light displays. Likewise, you can opt to sit in the alfresco area where there is a view of the bustling street.

Either way, it’s a vibrant space to enjoy Thai food with friends or loved ones.

Certainly, this affordable dining spot at Palais Renaissance is unmissable this season. With the most pleasurable authentic Thai food, you won’t be disappointed.¬†For more information, visit the Siam Smith website.

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