Singapore Could Form A Travel Bubble With Australia As Early As Next Week

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

Travel Bubble Singapore Australia

Hopeful holidaymakers this is for you.

The Singapore and Australian governments are in talks to allow a quarantine-free travel bubble between both countries. Wonderfully, this bubble is set to be signed by as early as next week.

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, indicated that a bubble could be set up by November 23. Consequently, this would allow fully vaccinated business travellers and international students to travel freely between the two countries. Ensuing the bubbles success, tourists will be permitted to travel from December.

This Singapore and Australia travel bubble would mean that Singapore is the second country, after New Zealand, that Australia establishes international travel with since they closed their borders early in 2020.

Allegedly, Sydney and Melbourne, will be the first cities in Australia to welcome direct flights from Singapore, operated by Qantas and Singapore airlines, from November 1. Passengers need to be aware of restrictions in each state before they make travel plans.


Additionally, Qantas Airlines have announced that they will resume three A330 flights per week, from November 23. Meanwhile, daily flights will resume on December 16. Likewise, Singapore Airlines confirmed that they will renew daily flights to Sydney on December 1.

Indeed, this is incredible news for those travellers hoping for a Christmas holiday, or those looking to reconnect with family in both countries. We will bring you the latest on this travel bubble as it is reported.

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