Express Yourself Through Iconic Spin Art At Singapore’s New Spin Paint Studio

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Spin Art Singapore

Are you feeling stressed? or maybe you’re bored, or feeling a little creative? Well, we’ve got just the fun therapeutic activity in store for you.

Splat Paint House is Singapore’s first splatter paint studio. Recently, it opened a sister studio called Spin Paint House. Specifically, it focuses on the craft of Spin Art.

Spin Art Singapore
Photo Credit: Spin Art Studio

Excitingly, Spin Art is an extremely popular craft, used by the likes of world-famous artists, Damien Hirst and Callen Schaub, to name a few. At a session, you can express yourself by creating your own masterpieces, using a custom built table designed to spin canvases at high speeds, using your own energy.

Indeed, it offers an unforgettable painting experience in Singapore. Additionally, you can discover art in a way that you never imagined. This Spin Art experience in Singapore is set in a safe environment, amid Covid-19 restrictions, and perfect for all ages.


Wonderfully, you can book a session via the Spin Paint House website. Certianly, this thrilling activity should not be missed. Off you go to create some beautiful chaos through the magic of art.

📍 61 Kaki Bukit Place, Printaid Building #04-00, Singapore 416233

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