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Friends Reunion

Calling all Friends fans, grab your tissues, it is gonna be an emotional one!

Another six days before the world gets to see the highly anticipated Friends: The Reunion. Is anyone else as emotional and excited as me? Indeed, all us super fans will continue to battle it out to see who is more excited than who. But the most important thing is that all your favourite cast members are reuniting, after 17 years, for this unscripted special.

On May 27, HBO Max will air a pre-recorded episode titled ”The One Where They Get Back Together” which is surely going to break viewing records across the world. Watch as Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Courteney Cox (Monica), Matthew Perry (Chandler), David Schwimmer (Ross) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) reunite on Stage 24 at Warner Bros Studio in Burbank to give us the escape we need.

The trailer showcases the cast getting back together, sadly not as their characters, but on the Friends studio set. Expect plenty of tears, trivia knowledge tests, walks down memory lane, re-reading of their lines and so much more. Excitingly, James Corden will host a sit-down interview with the cast in front of a live audience.

Originally, production was supposed to start back in 2020, however, the pandemic made it impossible to begin filming. Nevertheless, we are just buzzing that our prayers have been answered and the gang getting back together has become a reality.

It feels like a long time since the cast members sent fans into a frenzy, almost a year a half ago, when they posted the same photo on Instagram captioned ”It’s Happening”. That photo racked up over 11 million likes alone on Jennifer Aniston’s profile.

While it may be a disappointment that the cast are not appearing as their original beloved characters. The showrunners promise an enjoyable episode that will provoke nostalgic for every fan. Equally, the episode will feature a long list of celebrity guests including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, BTS and many more. We are not quite sure what role they play in this? But we must watch to find out.

And OMG, did we forget to mention that Janice played by Maggie Wheeler will also be making an appearance. We hope to hear some iconic lines!

Friends became one of the most popular TV shows of the 1990s and is now one of the most watched sitcoms on streaming services worldwide. Even though it ended in 2004, after a 10 year run, millennials and Gen Z’s are still obsessed today.


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In other news, each lead member is expected to make between $2.5 million and $3 million for the reunion special. The highest value they will have ever received from a Friends episode.

Now, you are probably wondering, how the heck do I watch in Singapore? Well, fortunately, you may be able to watch via HBO GO. Though, there is no information on when exactly you can stream it in Singapore. So, while you wait for Friends: The Reunion to air, why not catch up on episodes via Netflix Singapore now.

Central Perk Singapore

Did you know? you can visit Central Perk in Singapore. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into an episode of Friends in this exact replica interior of the show. Explore Monica’s apartment, drink coffee at the coffee house at 11am on a Wednesday morning, and watch episodes on repeat on the big screen.

To make your experience even more thrilling, you can chow down on some of the finest dishes while taking in this iconic setting of Friends. It is the perfect activity to do while awaiting the arrival of Friends: The Reunion in Singapore.

We will bring you the latest updates of when the special episode will air in Singapore.

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