Ride A Bike On Water And Go On An Adventure Unlike Any Other In Singapore

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Ride A Bike On Water And Go On An Adventure Unlike Any Other In Singapore

Waterbikes are safe, stable and easy to use—see, even a T-Rex can ride one.

Okay, so it might not be a real dinosaur, but if you’ve ever tried going on an adventure in a costume, you know that it’s not so easy. However, waterbikes are another story and they’re great fun for a day out with friends or family exploring nature.

Try waterbiking today and see for yourself.

Waterbiking is just like riding a real bike, but on water. The lightweight metal frame is sturdy and mounted on two floats just like a catamaran so all you need to do is pedal, pedal, pedal to glide across the water. You can even hit speeds of 15km/h and zip about for a fun and adventurous workout.

You don’t even have to get wet if you don’t want to on your environmentally-friendly excursion exploring the Pasir Ris sea area. It’s so simple that it’s easier than kayaking and just as much fun—if not more.

You can rent a waterbike for anywhere between one to three hours for a fun Saturday or Sunday out on the water. There’s a minimum two-person booking but you won’t have to yell across the sea to your mate as both of you will be given a walkie-talking to keep in contact. You’ll also get a life jacket and a dry bag to keep all of your belongings safe.

Waterbiking is the watersport you’ve never done before in Singapore, so it’s time to give it a go and ride a bike on water.

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