8 Divine Chocolate Shops To Overloaded On Chocolate In Singapore

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Best Chocolate Shops Singapore

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t like chocolate? As a delightful mood booster with a smooth and irresistible chocolatey texture, it seems impossible not to want to indulge on this. From sipping chocolate-infused drinks to gorging on some of the most unique chocolate treats in Singapore…we’ve found eight incredible chocolate shops to immerse yourself in a world of chocolate, just in time for Christmas in Singapore.

1. Janice Wong 

Go on a unique chocolate journey by purchasing a signature box from famed dessert chef Janice Wong. From bon bons, to chocolate lollipops and crayons…you won’t be dissatisfied. Her colourful chocolates offer the most pleasurable taste of rare Singaporean flavours. Think coffee chocolate, laksa leaf lemongrass, BBQ chicken, to name a few. Additionally, you can even get started on the Christmas shopping by purchasing one of the iconic Christmas Bundle Boxes over on the website.

📍 Various Locations 

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2. Chocoelf

Created by a Chocolatier and a Doctor, this award-winning chocolate shop is specially for the health enthusiasts. With little or no sugar, it’s the perfect treat for all those on a diet. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide range of unique chocolate Asian flavours available. Think blueberry bless, Bandung rose, green tea, almond, and dozens more.

📍 15 Jln Tepong, #03-02, Singapore 619336

3. Royce

Take your tastebuds on a chocolate adventure at this unique chocolate shop. Specifically famous for their Nama Chocolate boxes, but you can expect to fulfill any type of chocolate craving here. From diverse flavours of pure chocolate biscuits, epic nutty bars, petite truffles, chocolate wafer boxes, rare potato chip chocolates, and more…you won’t be disappointed. Go all out and purchase a sweet treasure box for just $54 for yourself for a loved one this Christmas.

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4. Mr Bucket Chocolaterie

Embrace your inner Willy Wonka and embark on an authentic chocolate journey at this delicious spot. Sip on a signature hot cocoa while the chocolateries create some epic treats right in front of your eyes. Prepare to feast on an array of luxury chocolate goodies and unique flavours, such as chocolate truffles, bonbons, bars, drinking chocolates, just to name a few. Indeed, one of the greatest chocolate shops in Singapore.


📍 23 Sin Ming Rd, #01-15, Singapore 570023

5. Chocolate Origin

Gleefully eat and drink chocolate at another one of the best chocolate shops in Singapore. Think scrumptious whole chocolate cakes, rich gelato pints and truffles, mouth-watering soft served chocolate ice-cream and a customer favourite, the pure bliss chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream. Certainly, it’s the sugary pick-me-up you need this weekend. Be sure to pair your dessert with an iced-cold chocolate shake, latte or coffee for the most pleasurable experience.

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6. Fossa Chocolate

Chocolate enthusiasts will adore this award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Singapore. Get the ultimate artisan chocolate fix by opting for a customable workshop where you can learn all about the art of chocolate making and create your own high-quality treats like chocolate truffles. Excitingly, their cacao is from all over the globe offering the most exclusive tasting experience. We recommend taking advantage of their work-from-home or care kits, full of chocolate goodness, via the Fossa Chocolate website.

📍 45 Kallang Pudding Rd, Singapore 349317

7. Awfully Chocolate

This 5-star chocolate wonderland is known for being the greatest cake shop in Singapore. Sooth your dessert-loving soul by devouring signature cakes like banana chocolate cake or their famous chocolate praline cake. Additionally, if this isn’t enough chocolate for you, order handcrafted treats like truffles, salted butterscotch brownies, Nutella tart and more. This spot just so happens to have One Of The World’s Greatest Desserts In Singapore.

📍 Various Locations 

8. Lemuel Chocolate

Whatever type of chocolate you like, expect this home-grown Singaporean bean-to-bar chocolate maker to have it all. With a variety of tasting experiences, your only problem will be selecting what you want. Highlights include Basque burnt chocolate cheesecake, indulging binge boxes with blackout brownies, chocolate beverages, mini cookies and more, bonbon boxes, filled bars like mixed berries, the list is endless.

📍 1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-31 THE STAR VISTA, Singapore 138617

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