Where To Find The Most Unique Mooncakes In Singapore

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Mooncakes Singapore

Mooncakes and moonlight, yes please.

Singapore’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival only means one thing…it’s time to dig into the most scrumptious mooncakes across the city. This Chinese dessert has evolved over the years, and bakers have started to experiment with fillings and add their own creativity. From durian to chocolate and passionfruit fillings, to a luxurious first-ever Harry Potter-themed collection, Singapore has got it all. Here are five fantastic places to find exclusive mooncakes in Singapore this year.

1. Ding Bakery

This famous bakery serves up, arguably, the most delicious traditionally baked mooncakes in Singapore. With an award-winning snowskin recipe, where could you go wrong? Some highlights include the indulging rich and creamy dark chocolate, the authentic Japanese-inspired matcha green tea and the exotic passionfruit mango, just to name a few. Place your order via the Ding Mooncakes website.

2. Scoopz Singapore

If you want to watch the diet, Cookies4U by Scoopz are serving guilt-free low-sugar and indulging mooncakes at plenty of spots around the city. Modern unique flavours include the cranberry dragonfruit, tiramisu and lava black sesame. Otherwise, if you’re after something a little more traditional, go for the creamy lava salted egg or white lotus. Don’t want to go out? No problem, order to your doorstep via the Scoopz website.

3. FYRE Singapore


Fyre Singapore plans to go all out this month by unveiling an exclusive collection of Sakura and Lychee-themed traditionally baked, teochew flaky and handmade snowskin mooncakes. Excitingly, you can look forward to flavours such as the mouthwatering 100% Black Gold Mao Shan Wang, which is a box of four durians, without any additives and low sugar. Meanwhile, you can get a taste of Japan from their delightful pink Shakura Cherry Blossom Lychee.

4. Old Seng Choong

Renowned baker Daniel Tay is known for his iconic cookies. But, did you know he dishes up a delightful selection of unique and irresistible mooncakes annually? Certainly, you need to experience these inventive mooncakes with a rare twist, such as the red lotus paste with scented black truffle, or the white lotus paste with pumpkin seeds. The elegant box they come in has also been a crowd pleaser. Shop the collection now via the Old Seng Choong website.

5. Awfully Chocolate Singapore

You cannot miss the world’s first official Harry Potter-themed collection of mooncakes. It consists of The Harry Potter Mooncake Chest for $128 and The Harry Potter Collector’s Edition Chest, which comes with Hogwarts House plates, for $168. With each house having its own delicious flavour, you’ll be in your element. For instance, Gryffindor is the Red Yam Lotus Single Yolk mooncake, while Ravenclaw is the Blue Pea Pu-Er Lotus, and so on. Indeed, the most unbeatable mooncakes in Singapore on our list. The collection is selling fast, so purchase yours now via the Awfully Chocolate website.

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