Netflix Says Oui To Emily In Paris For Seasons Three And Four

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Emily In Paris Season 3 And 4

Get ready for more baguettes, croissants and berets. Whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, one of our favourite Netflix shows Emily in Paris is here to stay.

After ending on a major cliff-hanger in season 2 Netflix announced that the show will be renewed for not one but two more seasons. That’s right, the fun, frivolous and cheesy show has been renewed for both seasons 3 and 4.

For those out of the know, Emily in Paris follows the many (mis)adventures of it’s lead character Emily played by Lily Collins, a marketing executive, who moves from Chicago to France to revitalize a luxury marketing company.

Created by Darren Star, writer of 90210 and Sex and the City, the show, despite it’s huge popularity has largely polarised audiences with many dubbing it as unrealistic and perpetuating harmful stereotypes and a huge chunk of the audience defending it as fun escapism.

Both the first and second seasons of the show made it to Netflix’s top 10 global list with the first season also being crowned as the most viewed comedy on Netflix in 2020.


What we know about seasons 3 and 4

The next season will be shot in Paris yet again and the studio is said to be considering London as a location as well. Production is believed to begin mid-2022.

Question is are you on team Emily or will you be hate-watching it again? While we wait for more details, seasons 1 and 2 of Emily in Paris are streaming now on Netflix Singapore now.

Words by Ria Lawrence & edited by Megan Zara Walsh. 

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