7 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Singapore

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7 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Singapore

The ultimate guide to Singapore’s most romantic spots this Valentine’s day.

February 14 is nearly upon us, and love is in the air. Although you may associate other cities with love and romance, Singapore still has some pretty romantic spots. Whether it’s taking a sunset-coloured walk or having a cosy sit on a patch of grass, there’s plenty of romance-infused locations here.

1. Gardens By The Bay

Image: Sergio Sala

One of Singapore’s defining features, and for good reason. It’s virtually impossible to not be bowled over by the sight of Gardens By The Bay, no matter how many times you’ve witnessed its beauty. Take your partner’s hand and have a lovely stroll through the urban nature park, gaze out at the water and share a romantic moment.

2. Palawan Beach

Image: Slava Myronov

Head over to Sentosa for this beautiful and idyllic spot by the waters. Nothing quite beats watching the calm waves drift slowly in and out of the shore, sound tracking the sun kissing Singapore goodnight. Talking of kissing, that wouldn’t be a bad setting for a sign of affection to your significant other now, would it? You can never go wrong with a beach in most aspects of life, and that definitely applies to love.

3. At one of Singapore’s amazing rooftop bars

There’s few things better than looking out over the Singapore skyline. Add in a cocktail, add in your significant other, and bam… you have the perfect romantic setting in the city. This is easily achievable at one of Singapore’s lovely rooftop bars. We can wholeheartedly suggest FLNT and Vue, but there’s a whole world of them out there so take your pick!

4. Bugis


Just last year, Bugis was named as one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. And with good reason!. This colour-kissed neighbourhood is a world to get lost in on a lovey-dovey day out. After heading to the many bars, cafés and the marevellous Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, you and your partner can share a moment by one of the many colourful buildings that fill the streets of Bugis.

5. Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Image: Erwin Soo

A truly beautiful gem of the city that looks out across the waters of Tuas Second Link – Singapore’s second causeway to Malaysia. It’s a beacon of hope for the whole city, and flashes its 15-metre beam every 10 seconds during the night hours. It’s the perfect setting for a moonlit walk with your significant other.

6. At a spot that could be out of a Wes Anderson movie

Image: Matias Galeano

Wes Anderson is known for his splashes of colour throughout his films. And, there are many spots around the city that could just be taken straight out of one. If you want a day out of brightness and happy vibes then you could do a lot worse than checking a few of these out!

7. Mount Faber Park

Image: Christian Anasco

Mount Faber Park is the ultimate spot for getting out among nature while still being able to catch a view of the marvellous Singapore skyline. You’ll get a great sight of the Telok Blangah and the western parts of central Singapore. And, the best part is that Mount Faber can be reached on a lovely cable car ride up towards the view, giving you a perfect day of romance ahead.

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