10 Romantic Ideas For A Lovely Valentine’s Day 2021 In Singapore

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10 Romantic Ideas For A Lovely Valentine’s Day 2021 In Singapore

Love is in the air.

As you know, the bright lights of Singapore give it that extra special glimmer of romance throughout the year. And, while it may just be a monumental understatement to say we could use a lift to our spirits after the last year, we’re damn well going to bang that drum anyway! [Featured Image: Mike Enerio, Unsplash].

So, on that note, you might be stuck for plans this year for Valentine’s day with your significant other. Luckily, there’s really no shortage of romantic spots across Singapore. Here’s a few you might like.

1. Catch a view of the city at a rooftop bar

Coffee and cake. Gin and tonic. Sunsets and long walks. Singapore and rooftop bars. Some things were just made for each other, eh? There’s really few things in life that can top gazing out on to the night skyline of Singapore with a drink in hand and some great food. We can wholeheartedly suggest FLNT and Vue, but there’s a whole world of them out there so take your pick!

2. Enjoy a cocktail at one of the many other great bars

If you’re not great with heights, or fancy a different vibe to the tops of roofs, then there’s no need to feel left out. Singapore is stacked with great options. Maybe a themed bar of an author or bond girl will pique your interest? Or maybe a trendy new bar that’s opened up serving great food is the one for you? Either way, you really can’t go wrong.

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3. Gorge on a delicious meal

Food can bring us all together. A meal-for-two is certainly on the cards for many this year for Valentine’s day, and we all know that the only tough part about finding great place to eat in Singapore is the choice between the sheer breadth of choice. If you want something out-of-the-ordinary, we can recommend this Lobster restaurant aiming to give you the feeling of flying and dining first class, since travelling is basically a no-go. And, with the first-class life comes some mouth-watering lobster. Elsewhere, you can munch on some delicious grub from a PaoFan Stall; witness ramen being set on fire; or, of course, gobble up your favourite food at a Hawker centre to your heart’s content!

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4. Grab a delicious snack

Valentine’s day is as much about appeasing your sweet tooth’s cries as anything else, ya know? Treating yourself is essential on February 14, basically. Order a humungous box of these gooey cookies to your door to accompany a Netflix binge, because self-care. Or, if you want to venture out for a snack, then there’s the fabulous French Fold begging to fill your bellies with the sweetest crepes in town. If these don’t float your boat, we have the advice to end all pieces of advice. If in doubt, doughnuts and/or ice cream. That is all.

5. Go for a coffee at one of Singapore’s brilliant cafés

A no-brainer here. Even the most seasoned café crawler in Singapore has no excuse, because a few excellent new spots have recently opened. As well as Guilt (of the aforementioned gooey cookies fame), there’s the colourful bubble tea and dessert spot, Sweet Hut — boasting Rubix cube furniture and table football — as well as nature-filled heaven, PRARIE by Craftsmen.


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6. Plan your dream trip

Now, let’s be honest. One of the best ideas for Valentine’s has basically been taken away from us this year. Since travelling isn’t really on the cards, that means no romantic trips away from some quality time in a new place. But, never fear. You can dream about that trip and make some preliminary plans. There’s this once-in-a-life-time bus journey from Singapore to Delhi, whereby you travel between five different countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and India) and explore multiple stunning spots. Perfect for the keen travellers that just need to scratch that itch again!

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7. Binge On Netflix and TV

You may have spent the majority of the past year doing this, but it always nails it. Binge on your favourite TV shows while munching on some great food and that’s a great way to spend your Valentine’s day.

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8. Adopt an adorable cat

A pet is a great new step in a relationship, and adopting an adorable cat in need is a way to give yourself all the feels this year. I mean, look at them! Find out more about the callout from Voices For Animals on Facebook here.

9. Head to the Star Wars Exhibition

If you need an extra bit of force to be with you this year, then you know exactly where to go. There’s plenty of Star Wars obsessed couples out there, so be sure to take advantage of this while it’s still running. You’ll find over 200 items on display, many of which come from the classic original trilogy of films.

10. Simply have a romantic stroll around the city

You should know by now that there’s plenty of beautiful sights around the city you can see on a stroll. Have a wander around under the lights and see where the day and night takes you. Whatever you choose to do, it’s pretty safe to say that Singapore has you well-covered for 2021.

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