Singapore Named Seventh-Best City In The World For 2021

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Singapore Named Seventh-Best City In The World For 2021

Well, we are preeeetty amazing.

While we may be up there with the most expensive and most overworked cities, Singapore has still managed to clinch a top-10 spot for world’s best cities. [Featured Image: Shawn Ang, Unsplash].

Yes, Singapore has been named as the world’s seventh-best city for 2021, in an annual ranking for the top cities on the planet.

Since we’ve also officially got the fourth-best bar in the world (well done, Atlas Bar), it seems we live in damn good place, if we do say so ourselves. Let’s get that number one for both next time!

Singapore retained its 2020 position from the same study, plus saw off the likes of Barcelona, Los Angeles and Madrid which came in at 8th ,9th and 10th, respectively.


Singapore was just pipped to the post by Dubai (6th), Tokyo (5th) and Moscow (4th) who claimed the positions above them. Paris and New York took positions three and two; but it was London who came up trumps to take the top spot for the best city of 2021.

You can read the entire top 100 citiesĀ and full reports right here.

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